Sunday, February 2, 2014

Math Folder Games

I've finally gotten the chance to make all the math folders games for my kiddos and they. are. loving. them. I gave them a preview of some a couple weeks ago and they have been asking and asking when they are done. Now they are asking me to make them some to take home :) 

Circus Fun 

These are great games that are easy to make and are 'grab and go' for kids. The rules are pretty much the same for every game but they don't really think about it because there are different versions!

 There are 16 different versions of 28 Common Core Standard Games ranging from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade. Each game comes with a colorful cover, a standards card with a kid friendly I Can sentence on it, a rules card, a two piece board game, a set of game cards, and an optional worksheet to keep kids accountable when playing.

Oz's Wizard
Circus Fun
The games are as follows:

Game Boards

Candy Land - Based on game of Candy Land

Can't Catch Me - Dodge all the characters as the Gingerbread Man to win!

Carnival Games - Visit each Carnival Game and cross them all of to win first!

Circus Fun - Tell all the circus performers it's showtime and get them to the tent to win!

Grandmother's House - Players play as either Little Red Riding Hood or the Big Bad Wolf, each going a different way on the board to reach Grandmother first.

Knight's Quest - The knight has to save the princess from the evil dragon and return her to the castle.

Mathopoly - Based on Monopoly. There is a short version (go around board first) or long version (go around until all properties are collected).

Oz's Wizard - Help the Wizard of Oz characters get safely to Emerald City and avoid the Wicked Witch of the West.

Space Wars - Boys will especially love playing this game based on Star Wars. They need to defeat Darth Vader and save Princess Leia.

Teenage Turtles - Another fun boy friendly game. Play as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to defeat Shredder.

Three Little Pigs - The Big Bad Wolf is coming after the 3 Little Pigs. Move around the board and get safely to the brick house.

Toy Story - Help Woody get to Jesse and Bullet. Toy Story characters are also in the game like Buzz Lightyear and Mr. Potato Head.

Treasure Island - Arrrr! Become a pirate and find the treasure. Get some help along the way to win.

Under the Sea - Based on the Little Mermaid. Which mermaid will get around the board the fastest?

Wonderland - Alice in Wonderland must get past the Red Queen to win!

Zombie Land - A mix of Plants vs. Zombies graphics and Candy Land board game.


Adding 2 and 1 Digit Numbers
Adding 3 Numbers or Addends
Adding within 10
Adding 10 to 20
Comparing 2 Digit Numbers
Comparing 3 Digit Numbers
Counting On
Adding Doubles
Adding Near Doubles
Expanded Form
Fact Families
Related Facts
Fractions (Whole, Half, Fourth)
Fractions (Whole, Half, Fourth, Thirds)
Making 10
Find the Missing Part
Multiplication (0-12)
Multiplication (Up to 4 Digits)
Odd or Even Numbers
Rounding to Nearest 10th
Rounding to Nearest 100th
Subtracting within 10
Subtracting within 20
Adding Ten More or Ten Less
Tens and Ones (Place Value)
Telling Time within 5 Minutes
Telling Time to Nearest Hour or Half Hour

If you do happen to use them with your class please come and tell me how it went!
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